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A Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning unit, or PTAC, is a type of self-contained heating and cooling system that’s similar to a window unit. PTAC units are usually single-room temperature solutions, though they’re usually larger than window units and therefore, capable of warming and cooling larger rooms and spaces in a more cost-efficient way.

PTAC systems are typically affordable and great for spaces where individual rooms require their own temperature controls, like hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, dormitories and residential buildings. Typically, PTAC units are highly reliable and will last for years. However, they will require repairs from time to time. When your PTAC unit needs a little extra care, Figlia & Sons is here to help.

At Figlia & Sons, we offer a full scope of NYC HVAC services including PTAC installations and PTAC repair in NYC. Whether we’ve installed your existing PTAC unit or not, we’re happy to come by for maintenance, service and repair requests. We offer NYC PTAC repair services in Manhattan and the surrounding areas of New York City. So regardless of which borough you call home, count on Figlia & Sons to be your trusted source for all your PTAC repair needs.

The Benefits of a PTAC Unit

PTAC units are known for having more flexibility than a standard central heat and air system, and they’re also some of the most cost-effective heating and cooling solutions. They allow the temperature to be controlled in individual rooms, so there’s no need to heat an entire floor or building — you can reduce heating and cooling costs by only turning on the heat or air conditioning only in rooms that are currently occupied. Many of these systems can be programmed with smart controls as well, which allow you to control the running times for the unit or pre-heat/cool a room before it’s going to be used.

If you have a PTAC unit, regular maintenance can help keep it running in top shape and reduce the number of PTAC repairs you need to make long-term.

Ongoing PTAC Maintenance

The maintenance required to keep a PTAC unit in peak working condition is minimal, but it’s still important to keep up with all regular and routine maintenance. By regularly changing any filters and having your system cleaned, you can reduce the need for any PTAC repairs and extend the life of your unit. Regular maintenance can also keep your unit running as efficiently as possible so you can keep maximizing your energy savings.

Figlia & Sons is happy to service your PTAC units with regular maintenance. We’ll clean your unit and replace the filter as-needed, and double check to ensure your system is working as it should before extreme summer and winter temperatures set in. If we do discover any issues, we’re able to offer PTAC repair services to get your unit back into working order.

PTAC Repair in NYC Areas: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan and More

Because Figlia & Sons has three centrally located warehouses and service centers in Manhattan, the Bronx and New Jersey, we’re able to provide fast and reliable PTAC repair in Queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and all the neighborhoods in and around New York City. When you call us for a PTAC repair in NYC request, it’s likely we’ll be able to fix any issues with your PTAC unit onsite when we make the repair visit. However, if your unit does require more extensive repairs, we’ll take it back to our Manhattan service center on East 9th Street. Any equipment we take back to our service centers can be repaired and returned to you within two to three business days, so you never have to worry about going weeks without heat or air conditioning.

Choose Figlia & Sons for Your PTAC Repair in NYC Needs

We’ve been providing quality PTAC repair in New York City and the surrounding neighborhoods for more than 50 years. Since we started our business in 1960, we’ve always put our customers and their needs first — that’s why we’ll always do a thorough assessment of your unit and recommend the PTAC repairs that are the most beneficial and cost-effective for you.

We pride ourselves on being the best NYC PTAC repair company, and it’s a title we’ve earned by remaining steadfast in our commitment to providing fast maintenance and repairs you can count on.

The Best Equipment in the Business For PTAC Unit Repair in NYC

All our PTAC units are made by Simon-Aire, a New York City-based company that manufactures new and replacement PTAC units, parts and accessories. Simon-Aire uses the latest technology to create heating and cooling solutions that are of the highest possible quality — which is why they’re the only PTAC manufacturer we trust.

Schedule Your PTAC Repair in NYC Today

If your PTAC unit isn’t functioning properly, don’t panic. Get in touch with Figlia & Sons, and we’ll get your equipment back to working order in no time. Our three locations in Manhattan, the Bronx and New Jersey allow us to respond to your heating and cooling concerns quickly. We can typically repair any issues with your PTAC unit on-site during our visit; but if your equipment needs further repairs, we can handle those in our Manhattan service center within two or three business days.

Reach out using the form on our Contact page, or get in touch via phone or email when you’re ready to schedule your PTAC unit repair in NYC.

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