HVAC Repair in NYC Services from Figlia & Sons

Figlia & Sons is a customer-focused NYC ac repair company, dedicated to responding to all your air-conditioning/heating needs. We specialize in NYC HVAC service including cleanings, repairs and equipment replacement. Our engineering know-how and project management expertise are backed by over 50 years of experience in the HVAC repair in NYC business.

What To Expect From Figlia & Sons NYC HVAC Service

When you select Figlia & Sons for your NYC HVAC service, we guarantee a positive experience from start to finish. During a services visit, you can expect a courteous technician ready to answer any and all of your questions. Additionally, our team is trained to efficiently address your HVAC systems issues and offer a budget-friendly solution that meets your specific needs. Figlia & Sons will assess your unit’s condition on-site to determine the necessary steps needed to repair it. If the unit cannot be repaired on-site, we will remove it to our service facility. Most repairs that are conducted at our NYC HVAC service facility are complete with just a few days, so you won’t be left waiting and wondering when your HVAC system will be up and running again.

What Causes Most HVAC Issues In NYC?

There are a number of reasons your HVAC system may not be working properly, and it usually requires a knowledgeable expert to identify the source of the problem and offer an affordable solution. A few of the HVAC system problems Figlia & Sons are equipped to handle include:

  • Dirty filters: one of the most important steps to HVAC care is regularly replacing filters. Dirty filters restrict airflow, making your unit work harder than it needs to circulate air throughout your home.
  • Pilot or Ignition Problems. A dirty pilot, burners, or flame sensor can cause a pilot outage, delayed ignition of the burners, and more. A trained service technician can assess the components to determine the source of the problem.
  • Water leaks. Air conditioning units and furnaces both produce condensation. If drain lines are clogged or cracked, water leaks can occur, causing damage to your HVAC system.

Whether you suspect one of the issues above are the cause of your HVAC system issues, or you’re unsure of the problem, Figlia & Sons are standing by to help and will provide a thorough inspection of your current system to determine the issue. Once the issue has been determined, we will be more than capable of providing you the best HVAC repair NYC has to offer.

NYC PTAC Unit Repair from Figlia & Sons

Is your Packaged Terminal Air Conditioning (PTAC) unit in need of repair? Figlia & Sons is NYC HVAC service and HVAC repair in NYC, specializing in PTAC services. We proudly offer a full spectrum of services for your PTAC to keep it running in mint condition. PTAC units require regular changing of filters and cleanings to extend the life of your unit and maximize your overall energy savings. Figlia & Sons is happy to provide regular maintenance to your PTAC units, including services such as cleaning of your unit, changing filters as needed, and providing checks that it is operating in perfect order. In addition to regular maintenance visits, we are equipped to handle small repairs of PTAC units, as well as more extensive repairs and replacements. Figlia & Sons will meet all your PTAC needs, fixing most issues onsite during our repair visit.

Figlia & Sons Window Unit Service And Repair In New York City

There’s nothing more frustrating than a window unit that isn’t functioning properly. The experts in HVAC repair in NYC at Figlia & Sons are experienced in providing unmatched repairs to window units in NYC and surrounding areas. During a repair or service visit, we’ll provide a full assessment of your unit onsite and make an informed determination of whether a repair or replacement is recommended. We’ll also happily provide recommended maintenance tips for you to follow throughout the year to ensure your window unit is functioning properly. While most window unit repairs can be completed onsite, those that require more extensive work will be taken to our Manhattan service center. No matter your window unit service needs, Figlia & Sons has the equipment, experience, and knowledge to get your unit back in tip-top shape.

Why Figlia & Sons Is The Right HVAC And NYC AC Repair Company For You

Figlia & Sons has been trusted by New Yorkers for decades because of our expert technicians trained to handle the full spectrum of HVAC problems that might be affecting your unit. As an NYC AC repair company, we set ourselves apart with unmatched service, and the affordability you appreciate. Additionally, we are covered by a $5 million insurance policy, which is the amount required in most residential buildings in Manhattan, allowing us to reliably provide you NYC AC repair.

Furthermore, due to our centrally located warehouse on East 9th Street, our HVAC repair in NYC service capabilities are unparalleled in the industry. During the hottest summer weeks, we can guarantee a 2-3 day turnaround time on all units removed to our service facility. We stock over 4,000 PTAC units at any given time available for immediate delivery and installation, which makes us the go-to AC repair company. For questions regarding NYC AC repair and service, check out our AC Service FAQ page.

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Our experienced technicians are standing by to assist you with your NYC HVAC service and NYC ac repair needs. Contact us to discuss your issues and schedule an appointment, and we’ll have a member of our NYC AC repair team out to your location at a time that is convenient for your schedule.

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